About Us


We are a team of highly motivated individuals with very diverse backgrounds such as Finance, Software Development, Math, and IT.  And we noticed how complicated is for Foundations to raise funds and quickly adapt to a fundraising sweepstake platform that offers participants the possibility to WIN unimaginable experiences and contribute to different causes through DONATIONS, helping foundations raise funds to help those who need it the most.



Our platform is based on Blockchain; a powerful technology that decentralizes computation and management processes driving benefits such as transparency, security and traceability of all transactions. Winners are drawn by the system randomly, utilizing a certified algorithm. No human or outside invention impacts the drawing.


A couple of years back a couple of individuals united on the idea to create a company that would make people’s dreams come true offering them unique and unimaginable experiences while giving them the opportunity to give back and have a social impact. 



“Our Sweepstakes raise funds and awareness for important causes. By giving our users a chance to win unimaginable experiences, we empower people to make a difference”.Ramsés Villela - CEO